Hercules Hatches

The unique design of the locking mechanism and the quality of construction place Hercules Cast Hatches in a class of their own. For Assembly Data and Sizes please click here


As the name suggest Hercules Hatches are very strong.

The hatch cover and flange ring are cast from corrosion resistant marine grade aluminium, with deep section webs on the underside to prevent distortion under load


All moving parts are engineered from type 316 marine grade stainless steel. All components are made to exacting standards and proportioned with strength and reliability in mind.

The bushes and bearings fitted to Hercules Hatches are manufactured from hard wearing Ertalyte, with replacements being readily available and easily fitted. In fact anything that might wear is easily and inexpensively replaceable, so a Hercules Hatch will last as long as the vessel itself.

Water Resistance

Hercules Hatches offer exceptional waterproof integrity for a deck hatch.

Hercules Hatches have a fuel and chemical resistant neoprene sealing ring fitted to the underside of the cover giving maximum protection against damage.

Ease of Operation

The unique Hercules locking mechanism utilities large diameter stainless steel shooting bolts which engage in Ertalyte bushes within the frame. This mechanism makes the Hercules Hatch exceptionally smooth in operation.

On deck the hatch is opened and closed using a recessed handle which is lifted and turned through 90 degrees. Below deck it is operated by a hand wheel.


The locking mechanism is precisely engineered for strength and security. Once the shooting bolts are engaged, the hatch cannot be accidentally opened.

Hercules Hatches are designed to withstand years of punishment in the harshest of marine environments.


Hinges can be fitted to allow Hercules Cast Hatches to open and fold back flat on the deck or to provide a watertight door in bulkheads. For extra security whilst in port, Hercules Hatches can be locked from below deck by using a simple sprung stainless steel clip on the bolt mechanism.

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Assembly Data & Sizes

Type Clear
Cut Out
Deck Cut
Out Radius
15 Ø380 Ø460 R230 Ø570 12 x M6 16kg
2020 510 x 510 590 x 590 R130 660 x 660 16 x M6 18kg
2424 620 x 620 700 x 700 R145 810 x 810 24 x M6 30kg
2515 640 x 380 715 x 460 R230 820 x 570 20 x M6 23kg
2828 710 x 710 795 x 795 R142 900 x 900 20 x M6 42kg
3628 915 x 710 1005 x 800 R150 1110 x 900 22 x M8 52kg

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