Kort Nozzles & Propellers

The advantages of Kort Nozzles are well known for towing vessels such as tugs and fishing boats.

However, significant improvements in performance can be achieved on vessels such as coasters, inland waterways craft and bulk carriers using designs optimised for each vessel type.

The key to vessel performance lies in design of the propeller! This is true whether an open propeller or Kort nozzle system.

Kort’s experience spans over 80 years

During this time the company has been involved in many model tests and full scale trials for a wide variety of vessels. Kort engineers therefore have the expertise to provide powering and performance estimates for every application from 100mm diameter propellers for an ROV thruster to 4000mm and above for commercial vessels.

Designs have been made for controllable pitch propeller blades for Kort nozzle operation up to 5300mm diameter. Kort have also supplied high definition propellers and impellers for high speed craft with conventional propulsion, surface piercing drives and waterjets. Propellers for azimuthing units and tunnelthrusters are designed and supplied.

Consultancy Services

Kort is employed by many owners, shipyards and designers at the design stage to ensure vessel performance meets specification.

This service can cover basic advice on selection of propulsion system or engine/gearbox combination through to full performance estimates and attendance on trials.

Kort are often asked to supply propulsion and manoeuvring equipment packages in addition to Kort nozzles and propellers. We regularly supply sterngear, seals, engine cooling systems, tunnelthrusters, rudders and steering gear. We are in a position to advise on the optimum propulsion system and items of equipment for a particular vessel and our propellers are always custom designed for a particular application


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