Kort Nozzles &  Propellers

Kort Nozzles & Propellers

The advantages of Kort Nozzles are well known for towing vessels such as tugs and fishing boats.

Hercules <br />Hatches


Strength / Durability / Water Resistance / Ease of Operation / Safety / Accessories

Kort <br>Thrusters


Kort Thrusters have been developed to provide an effective propulsion device when fitted to bow or sterns.

Fernstrum Keel Coolers

Fernstrum Keel Coolers

GRIDCOOLER keel coolers from Fernstrum. For your engine, vessel and operating conditions.

Weka Boxcoolers

Weka Boxcoolers

Weka engineer and manufacture Boxcoolers for Inland waterways and Sea going vessels. Boxcoolers are used for cooling engines between 3 and 20,000kw

Why Kort Propulsion?

  • We offer a wide variety of propulsion systems for you to choose from.
  • Our expert team can advise you on the best single systems or combination of systems will best suit a particular vessel. We have 80 years' experience.
  • We are Propeller experts and designers.
  • We can offer customised packages and consultancy.
  • We supply unique products including our own range of tunnel thruster and steerable propulsion units.
  • Our data and trials allow us to design effective, quality propellers for the future.

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Kort Propulsion Co Ltd, The Boat House, 20 High Street, Erith, Kent DA8 1QY, United Kingdom

t: 01322 346346 | f: 01322 347346 | e: info@kortpropulsion.com

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