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Deno Compressors B.V.

van der Giessenweg 49
2921 LP Krimpen aan den IJssel
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 180 44 22 88
Fax: +31 180 52 22 22
Email: info@denocomp.nl
Website: www.denocomp.nl

Deno Compressors B.V. is a manufacturer of air compressors and a specialist in the field of marine applications for compressed air systems. Deno Compressors have been designed and constructed since 1936 and thousands of compressor systems have been installed since then. An adequate stock of all components maintained for all types, at all times. the price level of spare parts compares excellently with other manufacturers. Deno Compressors have type approval of major classification societies.

Hercules CSMD

Unit 14-16 Nelson Rd Ind Est
Tel: 01803 833 736
Fax: 01803 834 846
Website: www.hercules.org.uk

Hercules have the flexibility to design and manufacture a number of marine components from fabrications in steel or aluminium to machined components in a range of materials, for example, titanium. High quality stainless steel fittings can be produced for specific requirements. Hydraulic services and testing can be carried out on site and in conjunction with associated Company Hercules Hydraulics.

Lagersmit Sealing Solutions

Address: Nieuwland Parc 306,
2952 DD Alblasserdam,
The Netherlands
Postal address: P.O. Box 176,
2950 AD Alblasserdam,
The Netherlands
Website: www.lagersmit.com
Sales: +31 (0) 88 0216 200
Service: +31 (0) 88 0216 300

Our company was founded in 1856 and we have been focusing on sealing solutions since the 1960s. To this day, Lagersmit is serving a vast group of customers consisting of suppliers of propulsion systems, ship-owners, shipyards, dredging companies, pump manufacturers, refineries and power plants. We have supplied all of these markets with a total of over 35,000 seals.

The world of seals is our world. To supply the best seals, we always think in terms of solutions: every step is a step in the right direction. In the way we work together with our customers, you could call us a good friend. The focus is on collective benefit, but we are certainly no yes-men! If we believe things can be done better, we are not afraid to say so.

SKF Machine Support B.V.

Kaartenmakerstraat 7
NL-2984 CB Ridderkerk
The Netherlands
Tel: +31-180-483828
Fax: +31-180-483829
Email: info@machinesupport.com Website: www.machinesupport.com

The Universal Adjustable Steel Chock for Shipbuilding and Industry

Ideal for mounting machinery to base frames, steel foundations or concrete No more soft foot problems. Accurate alignment is always possible. Vibracon® SM is widely used for mounting various types of machinery aboard seagoing vessels and the product has a broad range of uses in industry. It has been approved by leading classification societies and machine suppliers.

R.W. Fernstrum & Company, Inc.

P.O. Box 97
1716 11th Ave.
MI 49858
Tel: 906-863-5553
Fax: 906-863-5634
Email: daleg@fernstrum.com
Website: www.fernstrum.com

R.W. Fernstrum & Company is a global leader in the engineering, development and manufacturing of cooling technologies for the marine industry. By focusing our efforts exclusively on marine cooling, this third generation, family-owned business has built a respected reputation throughout the industry for outstanding quality and service to our customers.

We're very proud of our heritage and the relationships we've built with our customers over the years. We hope that you'll call on us to assist you in your cooling needs.

Weka Boxcoolers BV

Industrieweg 8
NL-2921 LB Krimpen a/d IJssel
PO Box 3052
NL-2935 ZH Ouderkerk a/d IJssel
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 180 516 588
Fax: +31 180 516 064
Email: info@wekaboxcoolers.com

WEKA has been manufacturing marine products since 1957. The core business is boxcoolers which are used for inland waterways and sea-going vessels. Weka offers a range of materials for different applications. This is for economical as well as for environmental reasons.

Boxcoolers are used for cooling of diesel engines between 3 and 30,000 kW. Boxcoolers have several advantages compared to conventional cooling methods: lower weight and price, easier maintenance, higher reliability - especially in dirty or contaminated water.

WEKA has taken the boxcooler principle to new hights of performance. Recent application and technology development has resulted in a product which competes successfully with conventional cooling for diesel engines in almost any application.


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